Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Great Purge

Time to get serious about cleaning out some of my collection of gaming items.  Numerous rules and gaming supplements on the block.  The listing is on both Bartertown and The Wargames Website.  Good prices.  Stateside buyers only.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Irishserb Selling Again!

After a bit of a hiatus (dude works a ton of hours), my gaming bud Irishserb is selling his 15mm resin vehicles once again.  He has an offering of some modern and Cold War vehicles, cast cleanly and scaled properly, for prices that are super affordable.  Go check his site today!  He has plans to offer some 6mm African buildings in the future.  Good stuff!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Fireforce15 Figures - A Small Review

Forgot to get these on the blog prior to now, but here are some snaps of the Old Glory UK FireForce15 figures I ordered a few months ago.  I picked up one pack of each offering, which gives me thirty-six figures in total.  Each pack has three poses of the following.

Top row FFM-01, middle row FFM-02, bottom row FFM-03
FFM-01 - Infantry pack with three FN riflemen and what I am guessing to be a FN MAG with a box drum?
FFM-02 - Infantry pack with three riflemen and one machine gunner, with a standard FN MAG.
FFM-03 - Command and weapons with a command figure, a much smaller radio operator (with a different sculpting style), an RPG gunner, and a mortar.  Just how many mortars does one need?

Dislikes - Awkward posing, amount of flash, bent weapons, type of metal used (hard and not very pliable), mould lines, two different sculpting styles, too many mortars.
Likes - The fact that one can find FN-armed troops in shorts!

The odd drum weapon from FFM-01
Okay, I am usually more favorable with reviews as this is a small hobby and I appreciate those who have the skill and the ability to have figures put on the market.  As a whole the figures are not bad, they just could have been so much better with cleaner and more realistic sculpting, better moulding, and a better mix of figure types.  These figures have not been around that long for the moulds to be wearing out so really the mould lines and flash shouldn't be evident.

Bottom line - One is better off trying to cobble together a Rhodesian force from Peter Pig's Vietnam and AK-47 ranges.  These Fireforce15 figures are going straight to the Bazaar!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Sword Worlds/OutRim Coalition

Command and comms - picture from GZG website
Today I received my order from GZG for additional OutRim Coalition figures, to be used for a Traveller Sword Worlds force.  This is just a quick post to sort out the figures and their weapons.

RC01 - Rifles
RC02 - Rifles
RC03 - SAW gunners
RC04 - Plasma gunners and light missile gunners
RC05 - Heavy plasma cannon
RC06 - Twin Gauss autocannon
RC07 - Twin rail mortars
RC08 - Command and comms
RC09 - Anti-vehicle missiles and heavy railgun snipers

With the packs I had purchased before, this gives me 24 rifles, 12 SAWs, 4 portable plasma guns, 4 light missile launchers, 2 heavy plasma cannon, 2 gauss autocannon, 2 mortars, higher command, 4 anti-vehicle missiles, and 4 snipers.  Breakdown of a fireteam might be as follows:

Fireteam A
2 rifles
1 plasma gun

Fireteam B
2 rifles
1 light missile

Fireteam C
2 rifles
1 anti-vehicle missile

Fireteam D
2 rifles
1 sniper

Another thought might be to increase the fireteams to five men by adding an additional rifleman.

And yet another idea might be to pull the portable support weapons out and make them platoon level assets and increase the fireteam to six troopers consisting of four rifles and two SAWs each.  

Lot's of decisions to be made with this project!  I do know I am going to do them up in some sort of winter scheme, well, at least some of the figures since I now have enough for a couple of platoons!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sword Worlds Expansion

Picture from GZG site
Today I placed an order from GZG for some additional OutRim Coalition forces, which will be my proxy figures for a Sword World force.  The mix of packs will allow me to field mission specific units by adding in numerous support weapons and higher command.  

I've also ordered the Traveller Sword Worlds book to obtain a bit more detail and background info.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sword Worlds

A quick placeholder to flesh out a project idea later for Traveller/Striker/Tomorrow's War.

Sword Worlds Platoon - Combat Environment Suits, 9mm ACRs or 4mm Gauss Rifles with grenade launchers, Gauss light machine guns, ATGM launchers, 10cm mortar.

  • Three squads, each with
    • Three fireteams
      • Fireteam A
        • TL with rifle
        • 3 riflemen
      • Fireteam B
        • TL with rifle
        • 1 rifleman
        • 1 assistant LMG gunner
        • 1 LMG gunner
      • Fireteam C
        • TL with rifle
        • 2 riflemen
        • 1 AT gunner
      • 1 HU-420 Botond Grav APC
Figures?  I have some of the Ground Zero Games Outrim Coalition that might just do the trick.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Swedes in Space!

Just a short entry as I play around a bit with creating a new faction for my Tomorrow's War project, using 2300 A.D. as a guide...the Scandinavian Union Defense Force.

Taking a hard look at the Ground Zero Games Scandinavian pack, and after obtaining a bit of info as to what the figures in that pack are actually carrying in terms of small arms (as you can see from the picture it is a bit difficult to discern what the figures truly look like), I have decided to add a cold weather force to my science fiction gaming.  

The SUDF is organized into 28 man platoons, built on eight man sections with a command element of four men.  Each eight man section has a section leader, five riflemen, a SAW (or MG) gunner, and a man carrying a missile launcher.  Weapons are as follows:

G4 7mm Binary Assault Rifle (Gevär Model 4)
MG4 7mm Binary General Purpose Machine Gun (Maskingevär Model 4)
PM 7 Pilen Man-Portable Guided Anti-Tank Missile (Pansarvärnmissil 7)

Weapons and organization from the Etranger site.

For vehicles I am going to go with the Chariot tracked APC (also from GZG).  I like the look and each should hold a half section.  It will be called the Stridsvagn.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Modern Poles - Colors

In looking at this picture of Polish troops in Chad, the overall tan effect with some splotches of what appears to be gray along with green webbing, and dark green Rosomaks, might be how I paint those nice Terrain4Games Poles I picked up a few months ago.  The pictured soldiers are wearing caps, while the miniatures are in helmets, but I can live with that difference.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

More on Elli

One of the items I discussed in the first post about the First Balkan War naval Battle of Elli was about a basing system.  I really wanted to go with clear acrylic bases, and Warbases offers a 40mm by 20mm base, with etching, for a good price.  But 40mm was just a tad too short.  An email to Warbases to inquire about getting larger acrylic bases made, with the ship names etched, has already been responded to, and apparently can be done!  So, I have sent them the ship names, and awaiting a PayPal invoice and in a few weeks I should have bases for the Navwar ships.  Pretty darn cool, but now I have to ensure that I can glue the ships to the bases without causing the bases to fog.  Oh, and of course paint the ships before mounting them, as I normally glue the ships, then prime everything at the same time.  A bit different direction this time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Battle of Lemnos? No, Elli!

Battle of Elli - ships engaged - from Age of Steel and Coal
A few years ago (see HERE) I picked up some Navwar ships from a chap who thought he had organized his purchase for the Battle of Lemnos (First Balkan War).  However, in recently reviewing the ships that I purchased from him and the lack of enough destroyers for the Lemnos affair, it appears that really he collected the ships needed for the Battle of Elli.  Makes perfect sense considering that at Lemnos the ironclad Asar-i-Tevfik was not present, yet I have a casting for it.  Ahhhh, good, now I know what I have to work on for a future game!

Okay, what to do with this project, meaning what sort and size of bases to use, and what rules will offer a simple enough game, yet give that period feel I like?  Here is a nice after action report using Majestic Twelve Games' Grand Fleets (never heard of them, although they seem to be available Stateside, and apparently they offer a scenario book that has the ships for Elli already rated).  Thinking about some clear acrylic bases, but also worried that the glue might fog the bases, and with the tiny destroyers in this scale it will be difficult to not have excess glue along the waterline.  And, my go to base supplier, Litko, does not make rectangular acrylic bases.  But I do have some nice splash markers from them, and they also offer some firing arcs that will be useful.

Warbases make custom etched acrylic bases, which could be excellent to have each ship's name already etched on the base, but while nearly all the miniatures would fit on the largest rectangle base they offer, the Georgios Averof is just a tad too large.  I think I will send them an email to see if they could make a larger etched base.

The rules and scenario book that covers the First Balkan War have been ordered.  The neat thing about the scenario book is if I enjoy the rules I can also use my Spanish-American War fleets for Manila Bay!
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