Sunday, November 12, 2017

Getting Ready - Mounting Some Vietnam Figures

Platoon HQ - Second in command, RTO, platoon LT
I bought some 15mm Vietnam Americans from a chap some time ago, and left them sit in the box used for shipping until today when I decided to get them mounted on stands.  This of course couldn't be an easy chore when I realized that the M60 gun teams were not going to fit onto a 20mm round base, so off to the Litko website I went to order some 25mm and 30mm round bases.  The other troops (except for the recoilless team, two LAW grunts, and medic with casualty) I was able to use my standard mounting of leaders on a 20mm base, and grunts on a 15mm base.  Once I receive my order from Litko I'll texture the bases with some grit and plop down a couple of bushes to finish them off.

The figures are the Flames of War Army platoon, and seem to have a couple of extra M60 gunners, at least based on the Ambush Valley U.S. Army infantry platoon structure.  

Friday, November 10, 2017


Picture from Eureka Miniatures website
As a bit of a sidebar to my Vietnam gaming, I just placed an order with Eureka Miniatures USA for some 15mm French and Viet Minh for Indochina.  For quite some time I have been looking at these figures, and with a bit of a renewed interest in Vietnam of late, including sifting through the Indochina board on the Fields of Fire forum, I decided a small purchase was in order.  I was originally going to purchase a platoon for each side, but settled on fewer figures, basically a heavily supported section, with rifles, SMGs, LMGs, leaders, and RTOs.  As I have plenty of jungle terrain ready to roll (Eleven Tree Designs buildings along with several terrain pieces), adding some figures to go back to the 1950s was a fairly easy decision.  Paint jobs will be simple as I plan to just do some olive drab for the French (I might even try some camo...nah, I doubt it!)

The force pool I selected probably will not allow use of Ambush Valley or any other form of Ambush Alley/Force on Force since I will not have enough figures for each player to run a section, so I will have to do a bit of digging for a set of rules.  The goal is to have each player control a handful of figures.

More on this once the figures arrive!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Review - Crusaders Over 'Nam

Crusaders Over 'Nam - written by Roxanne Patton.  Published by I-94 Enterprises, March, 2017.  $18.00.

As many of you already know, I like obscure and different periods of history to recreate on the tabletop.  While the Vietnam War is certainly not obscure, Vietnam air combat is not that prevalent in the gaming world, so when I came across a Check Your 6! scenario book for Vietnam on the I-94 website, specifically one that deals with the F-8 Crusader and MiG kills I was curious.  So, I placed my order via the I-94 Raiden webstore, and within a few days I received my copy.  While the booklet is not an official Skirmish Campaigns production, it is designed for Check Your 6!

Let's jump into what I felt left me less than satisfied.  First, the price of the scenario booklet is $18.00.  Unfortunately, the number of pages doesn't warrant such a high price tag.  The 8.5" by 11" booklet comes in at only twenty pages.  The cover is color cardstock, while the interior is black and white.  Unlike the other Check Your 6! scenario books, this offering does not have a data table showing the plane stats needed, which I find very useful in the other books and wish could have been added here to avoid having to refer back to the Jet Age version to obtain plane data.  And there are a few typos and missing information, both within the scenarios themselves, and in the rules modifications section.  Example - Page 4, second line states "range is reduced to eight (8) hexes for targets at."  At what?

Okay, those were my sticking points.  My positive takeaways are the vast majority of the eleven scenarios are ideally suited for four players, perfect for a small gathering of friends or a convention setting where the smaller number of players makes teaching Check Your 6! an easier task.  The scenarios are also well researched and clearly written indicating that the author knows her subject well.  The bits of typos and missing info within the scenarios is easily overcome with a bit of common sense.   The eleven scenarios, with F-8s featured in every one, also includes A-4s and a lone A-6, while for the "bad guys" all one needs is only MiG-17s, and MiG-21s.  This is a simple mix of planes for the player to obtain.

Overall, Crusaders Over 'Nam fills a niche for Vietnam War air combat, while providing more scenarios for jet age gamers, especially those who use Check Your 6!  You will have to be the judge in deciding if a twenty page scenario book priced at $18.00 holds value for you.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Vehicle Suggestions for Nomads

I am looking for some 15mm vehicle suggestions for these Micropanzer nomads I picked up from Jason at Micropanzer some months ago.  I am thinking something big, beefy, tracked or wheeled, large enough to hold eleven troopers (or twenty-two if large enough).  The nomads themselves have a bit of a Tusken raider feel (from Star Wars), but with higher tech level weapons.  The figures are bulkier and a bit larger than say Darkest Star but are a perfect match for GZG offerings.  I'll be using them against both, so a bulky, tough, and somewhat tech worthy vehicle is what I am shooting for.  Suggestions?
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