Monday, August 9, 2010

Expanding the Ambush Alley Project

Since I have committed myself to gaming the modern period in 15mm and have been collecting the excellent Deimos Design Studio buildings along with other terrain pieces (mostly from The Terrain Guy), I have been thinking of ways to get "double duty" from this project.  Keeping the setting to the Middle East or North Africa, I can use the same terrain and buildings and switch out what forces are being represented on the gaming table.  As I do like the Peter Pig AK-47 Republic range it didn't seem much of a stretch to game "The Lebanon" with some of their Arab/PLO and Israeli figures.  At this time I have not ordered any of these little gems yet as I have posted on Bartertown, The Miniatures Page, and the Ambush Alley forum in hopes I'll find some other gamers extras for a reduced price, but even if that does not happen, I can see my next step will be "The Lebanon".  And in keeping with my "keep it simple" philosophy, I will concentrate mostly on infantry forces and a small amount of vehicles.  And, the Arab/PLO types can be used as Iraqi regulars to face the Marines of First Recon.

Hmmm, using the Peter Pig figures I could also foresee moving some scenarios into the Horn of Africa.  Some hypothetical Marine interventions in Somalia due to that dread pirate, I mean those pesky Somali pirates.

One other aspect I would like to add to the standard U.S. vs. insurgent theme is adding in additional factions, creating more than just "us vs. them" scenarios by three or more sides vying for certain victory conditions.  Therefore I will also expand to add in potential other nationalities as time (and finances) allow.  I can see a game with Marines, insurgents, Iraqi regulars, PMC types, and perhaps even another major nationality.  That could really crowd a two foot by two foot board, but I have an order in with The Terrain Guy for a couple of more of the Easy Terrain tiles to give me a three foot by two foot gaming space.

So, there it is, I am not complete with my initial Ambush Alley project, and here I am thinking about adding on already.  Does that sound familiar? 

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