Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to the Alley, with Focus

I have found that the gaming bug that has bitten me hard recently is really getting out of control with the amount of giures and terrain I have been buying recently, so I have made the difficult decision to pare down the modern gaming projects into just two areas (well, three perhaps), and in just one scale.  While I believe that 20mm figures are probably the best way to go for modern skirmish gaming, particularly using Ambush Alley/Force on Force, I already have painted figures and terrain in 15mm, and that terrain can be used in the Middle East as well as Africa.  Therefore I am sticking to the initial reason this blog was created (the Generation Kill/Iraq project), keeping the hypothetical West German/Somali brew up, and perhaps also doing the 1993 Mogadishu battles between the Rangers/Delta Force and the Somali warlords.  In all cases I can use my Deimos Design Studio buildings, and adding in the Kerr and King adobe buildings I recently picked up.  I also will be adding in the 20mm fences I picked up from Ironclad Miniatures (but selling the nicely cast 20mm shanties) since they seem to scale well as tall fences for the 15mm figs.  So the Caribbean and Asian projects have gone by the wayside, and all the figures and terrain I have picked up for them over the last few months (in 20mm) are now listed in The Bazaar.  This will allow me to complete my Generation Kill project (nearly done, have to paint the Peter Pig U.S. Marines), and still give me some other figures to paint up on the side (the QRF West Germans and whatever figures I wind up using for the Somalis - Rebel Miniatures, Peter Pig, or perhaps Flashpoint Miniatures).

For a complete diversion, but using the 15mm terrain I already have, I will be painting up some of the RAFM Citadel 15mm science fiction figures, using Ambush Alley to bring the old Traveller world back to life.

Tonight I will be posting pics of the Kerr and King buildings as well as the QRF West Germans (unpainted).

So, be certain to check The Bazaar for some good deals and come back to the blog from time to time to see the progress I am making with the scaled down projects.

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  1. I, too, am having scale/period wander too, consequently I'm all over the place with little actually finished; however, like you too, I have the AA in 15mm largely 'there'...funny old (painting) life :)



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