Monday, May 16, 2011

New Mosque!

I am trading some 20mm figures in exchange for a couple of 15mm scratchbuilt buildings made, specifically a small mosque and hotel to use with my Deimos Design Studio and Kerr and King buildings, taking my tiny village setting into a bit larger of a village/town setting as needed (the hotel will be psuedo-based on the Olympic Hotel of Black Hawk Down fame).  By adding these buildings to my existing ones, I can now put a dozen structures on my three foot square gaming space I am using for Ambush Alley (I just feel like the two foot square suggested in the rules for 15mm figures is a bit too small).

So the chap making the buildings has sent some work-in-progress pics of the mosque, and OH WOW, am I ever blown away!  For my gaming needs I requested lift off roofs and a small minaret for the mosque, and the builder has come through in a big way (I am not sure if he does commission work so I am reluctant to give out his name...pending a reply from him on that very issue). 

As you can see, the mosque is coming along very nicely, and I cannot wait to get this bad boy on the table as most the buildings I have are smallish single room structures of one or two stories.  I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking.



  1. How do you find the 15mm scale for Ambush Alley?

    Are they too small to game with?

    I am thinking of going 20mm scale to make it easier to see the figures and what they are armed with and allow me to keep the price reasonable. I would prefer 28mm but do not think I have the room :P

    I looked at 15mm but I also preferred the look of the 20mm vehicles compared to the 15mm offerings.

    Thanks for posting.

    Great blog!



  2. Allan - since AA uses a fairly generic system for firing, marking the back of a base for leaders and support weapons makes it very easy to keep track. I like the 20mm figures, which actually I find ideal for skirmish gaming, but since I already had some 15mm buildings and figs I decided to stay with 15mm. I mount my figs on 15mm round bases (leaders on 20mm so they stick out a bit more) and things seem to work and look fine.

    Check the Resources page, there are some folks making good 155m figures and vehicles.

  3. Thanks for the great idea on the basing.

    Appreciate the help :)

    Happy Gaming,


  4. Very nice work-I like the organic off the grid (great idea putting one on the base for reference) feeling you are getting. Thanks for the inspiration!


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