Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's About Damn Time!

Wow, it has been FAR too long since I have added anything to the blog.  Seemingly life comes around from time to time and keeps me from getting more involved with my hobby of gaming.  Of course, I also have the hobby of hiking and backpacking that keeps me very busy as well.  Spent fourteen hours a few weekends ago working on trails, killing honeysuckle, putting in the foundations for a footbridge, and other assorted trail maintenance duties.  Amazingly enough, this is all volunteer work, and some hard manual labor at that, but I do enjoy getting a trail looking more like a trail and less like a honeysuckle jungle!

Picture from RAFM
So, what has been going on with the gaming?  Not a lot.  I missed CincyCon, where I was going to assist The G Dog with some Force on Force/Ambush Alley and Tomorrow's War events.  I've recently placed an order for two more RAFM grav tanks for the Striker/Tomorrow's War project as they are now being cast with resin hulls, and I added a neutron turret to the order as well to give my tanks a different firepower option (I will use this turret as some sort of fusion weapon).  I have found a new interest in an old PC game I used to play many years ago, X-COM: UFO Defense, which eats up far too much time.  And I am also getting heavily involved with 12mm American Civil War with my passion for the Battle of Perryville, but that's another blog.  So, even other gaming projects get in the way at times!

I plan on taking a hard look at the upcoming QRF sale that starts this Friday.  They already give a slight discount when ordering three or more of the same pack code, and the sale will be an additional 10% discount.  I could always add some additional West Germans (but why, I have plenty for Force on Force as it is), or more modern Germans with the cool G-36, some Seminole War figures (always had a hankering for that, and 15mm is far cheaper and requires less space than 28mm), or Spanish-American War (same reasoning, but historical battles are mostly lopsided affairs in terms of manpower), or some sci-fi (shades of Alien and Predator).  Or, I am probably better off avoiding the QRF sale altogether and just work on what I already have!

And then, with the X-COM PC gaming, there is always the idea lurking in the back of my mind about gaming X-COM on the tabletop.  It has been done before, take a look at LuckyJoe's Place, some cool X-COM work being done there!

And, while I still have the Anglo-Irish War in Miniature blog up, I have combined the posts into this blog, since I plan on using Force on Force for that period.  Eventually I will need to do some sort of cleaning up with that...either keep that blog as it's own entity, or shut it down and add more Anglo-Irish war "stuff" here.

So, where to go from here?  Reading some of The G Dog's blog has smitten me with the Tomorrow's War/Striker project again, so now it's a matter of sitting down and putting brush in paint, and paint on figure.  My goal for May will be to get some gaming work completed.  This month is difficult due to some other hiking commitments, but a few evenings here and there should be able to be dedicated to a few hours of cleaning, priming, and painting.

More coming, and I won't wait six months to update the blog!


  1. Good to know you're still at it! Look forward to your updates.

  2. Yes, I will keep plugging away, Dylan. Just trying to find that balance that allows me to do all the things I want to do!

  3. I loved the old traveller stuff from gw. I had wanted some for years but put it off because it was going on eBay for about three times what it was worth. I was very pleased when RAFM started producing them.

    X-Com is a really great idea. As well as being a big fan of the game I was in an RPG based on this years ago and really want to pick it up. I have been planning some buildings using styrene sheet for a while and just beed to get my finger out. I played X-Com about a month ago and I'm looking forward to the updated version coming out in the next few months.

    Like the blog by the way. Keep it up.


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