Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Building the MJ Figures Scorpion/Sabre/Scimitar

Showing the tracks, undercarriage, and hull
Well crud!  I was going to take pictures for a step by step account of building the MJ Figures Scorpion/Sabre/Scimitar, but when I sat down to build the vehicle, I completely forgot about taking step by step pictures.  In reality one does not need step by step pictures as the model is very easy to assemble.  There are six parts to work with, two tracks, one undercarriage, one upper hull, one turret, and one gun.  There are three gun choices, depending on what model you want to make (but read on), but the guns included really did not match well with the drawings and pictures I have seen.  The thicker barreled gun, which I would have taken to be the 76mm cannon of the Scorpion, was far too long in length to be the 76mm.  The 30mm RARDEN cannon that the Scimitar carries was a bit too long in the MJ Figures world.

Showing gun options
 And the last gun, well, I have no idea what it is supposed to be, because realistically the Sabre carries the same 30mm RARDEN cannon that the Scimitar has, only with a lower profile turret from the Fox ARV.

The model has a bit of flash to cut and file off, but that really was the only issue to deal with, other than deciding what gun to use.

MJ Figures Code FALK12 - $8.29 USD

In game terms, the Scorpion would be rated as a light tracked vehicle, armor would be 3D8 (front), 2D8 (side), 2D6 (rear), and 1D6 (deck).  The 76mm cannon rates as (AP:3/AT:2(M)) and there is a 3D machinegun.  The Scimitar is rated the same, substituting 30mm  auto cannon which is rated as follows: (AP:4/AT:3(L)).


  1. Would the other gun barrel be a Cockerill 90mm? Belgian Scorpions were up-gunned to "Scorpion 90".

  2. I have to be honest, I have no idea if that is the case, but the gun certainly looks like it could be a 90mm.


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