Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Darkest Star Games Kickstarter

Picture from Darkest Star Games
I've supported one Kickstarter campaign in the past, 15mm sci-fi/neo British from Armies Army, and the experience was a positive one.  A week or two ago I came across another 15mm sci-fi Kickstarter campaign from Darkest Star Games for some vehicles (tanks, light armor, and APCs), and while really liking the look of the Scorpion light armored vehicle, decided that I didn't have a use for such a vehicle with the current projects, so did not commit to be a backer at that time.  This evening, on The Miniatures Page, tsofian had posted about this campaign, and with the appropriate arm twisting (really, none at all) I decided to back the campaign at a level that would yield me a vehicle of my choice.  Kickstarter seems to be a decent way to add to existing product lines or create a unique line, without too much commitment from the various backers.  In this case Darkest Star wanted to move into 15mm after doing a line of 6mm sci-fi.

If you have any interest in backing this campaign, they have already achieved the basic goal, and are moving towards hitting their stretch goals.  Jump onboard today!


  1. I've supported a couple of Darby's earlier preorder projects and Darkest Star Games has delivered on time, with excellent product. I'm hoping we can get the Ventauran Infantry released, but otherwise I'll be happy with the Scorpions.

  2. I have the Eureka Ventaurans already, so I really do not need more infantry, but if the Darkest Star ones do blend with the Eureka line, I might buy a few of those when they are released.


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