Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Land War - Part I: 10mm vs. 15mm

Picture from Pithead website
Over the last few weeks I have had quite the interesting time trying to decide what figure scale to use for the land war portion of the Korean War.  There are plenty of options in 15mm, including those gorgeous new Eureka North Koreans mentioned (with pictures) in a previous entry.  I have always liked those strangely posed Quality Castings miniatures as well, but I think I want something different for Korea.  Going to 10mm means I could use 1/144th scale vehicles (such as from Panzer Depot, Pithead, and Miniature Figurines) and aircraft, including some prepaints.  It also gives me the opportunity to place more troops on the board, giving the tabletop a more realistic look.  But it also means painting up much smaller figures than what I am used to handling.  Terrain?  Well, it is Korea, everything would have to be collected, constructed, and painted, no matter what the scale as I currently do not have terrain that would be suitable.  Most of my current terrain is more suitable for arid and desert areas.  The good news is while Pithead Miniatures only make winter Chinese currently (sans support), they are planning on Americans and British in winter clothing (with support), and will add support for the Chinese as well.  If sales make Pithead happy, perhaps they will also make North Koreans in the future.  They do make a few vehicles that are suitable for Korea, notably the M24 Chaffee and T-34/85.  Panzer Depot has the M26 Pershing covered (along with the Chaffee), and both companies make things like trucks and half-tracks.

Eureka North Koreans
Staying with 15mm would be like staying with a comfortable friend.  It means I can use those lovely Eureka figures and perhaps those strangely fascinating Quality Castings, and also any diecast or prepaints in 1/100 scale.  It also potentially means less troop density, which gives less of a realistic look to the gaming table, but also means less painting.  It also could mean a need for a larger gaming space to pull off actions like Fox Hill, space which I do not have (Living in a high-rise two bedroom condo, I am limited to the dining room table, and only for short periods of time because for some reason it sees double duty as a...wait for it...dining room table).

Perhaps then, I just convinced myself as to what scale to use.  And as I just received a small order from Pithead to see what his figures looked like, it makes some sense to push forward in 10mm.  Looking forward to reading your comments on this subject!


  1. I'm a 10/12mm gamer. I like the scale and can put lots of vehicles out. For Korea I'd still go 10/12mm but mount infantry as squads not individually. Thanks for the Blog!

  2. I'd do it in 15mm. Khurasan has those Chinese People's Volunteer Army troops, PSC T34s, and if you're really feeling cash-flush, BF's Sherman E8s and Jumbos.

  3. Squads are probably a better idea for 10/12mm. Moving individual figures about would be a PITA. :)

    Scott - I do like the other Khurasan figures I have ordered, and the Eureka North Koreans...they are excellent!

    Hard to say which I really will go with. I have ordered some of the Panzer Depot vehicles to see how they work with the Pithead line. I guess I will have to get all the toys together (once I have them all) and take a hard look at what to do. If Pithead does release the promised Americans, Brits, and Chinese support, then it will be difficult to not do 10/12mm.


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