Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Random Updates

Some random thoughts concerning the state of the various projects I am working on....

The Africa Project

FireForce15 Argentine Infantry
(picture from Old Glory UK website)
I am currently looking to expand this project a bit.  Right now I have factions for the West Germans (QRF), Somalis (Rebel Minis), and another force using Peter Pig's Australian Vietnam figures (mercenaries, South Africans, etc.).  I am considering a UN contingent (ahem, for target practice) as their blue helmets/berets and white vehicles will really stick out on the tabletop.  I am considering a few options for the UN troops, as I have a specific look in mind (either berets or western style helmets for headgear, battle rifles for weapons, and fairly light kit).  Peter Pig's French are interesting, even with the figures having the FAMAS, simply because they are French (take that however you would like).  I also like the FireForce15 Argentinian figures from their Falklands War line.  Nicely sculpted, carrying battle rifles and wearing steel pot helmets, and I do not see too much kit.  They offer several packs of which I would use infantry, command, and weapons.  However, I do not know how they compare in height and heft to other figures ranges I have.  Anyone who might have some and can take a couple of comparison pictures alongside Peter Pig, QRF, and/or Rebel please send them to me.

Peter Pig Hardened Militia
(picture from Peter Pig website)
I am also considering a Cuban contingent, using Peter Pig's hardened militia.  Carrying AKs and wearing a cap, they are spot on for Cubans in Africa.  Of course getting the West Germans and Somalis completed are the first priority so buying more figures for this project is probably not the wisest of moves.  Right now I have plenty of infantry for both sides, but I still wrestle with what to use for West German vehicles.  I have a couple of QRF Marders, but they do not give me the right "feel" so to speak.  I really like the idea of using smaller (and older) vehicles such as the Schutzenpanzer series (kurz version for support, lang version for transport).  To that end I did pick up a few of the Roskopf kurz models on eBay.  They are mentioned to be anywhere from 1/87 to 1/100 in scale, but I believe they are closer to the 1/100 end of things.  

The Falklands Project

Top Malo!  This scenario from Force on Force is small enough to knock out quickly.  I have a plenty of MJ Figures to cover the forces, just need the house and the few outlying structures to make it come together.  I may try to scratch build the house as the Time Cast version doesn't allow for figures to be placed inside, which to me is a must.  The paper version could be used, backed with foamcore, and perhaps a second floor added in.  Or I can just go with a true scratch build, much like what is going on over at Dougie's Wargaming Blog.

I have also considered selling off the MJ Figures I have and going with FireForce15.  Those sculpts look so nice!  However, I would want to see more packs to fill some wholes before making that decision.  British with berets, more vehicles, etc.

The X-COM Project

I've primed the Rebel/Khurasan Martians and Eureka Germans, built and primed a few of the RAFM Imps, and have built and primed the Martian support (Rebel walker and Khurasan saucer).  I also have picked up some of the paints I needed to push ahead.  Still working on a uniform color for the Germans, might be a panzer gray/feldgrau combo.  The Martians are easy.  The Khurasan will be the Sectoids, and hence will be gray.  The Rebel Minis will be the Mutoids as they are taller, and will be painted in the Muton green with a bit of gray shading (the Mutoids are new race creation, an interbreeding of Sectoids and Mutons).

Other Projects

My Iraq and Fifth Frontier War projects are always ongoing, but as I have not worked on these for quite some time hence have nothing new to report.  

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