Friday, May 2, 2014


It is amazing to me at times to be able to access from one's memory figures (or vehicles in this case) that one knew of years ago, but never purchased because they simply were not needed at the time.  Take the Roskopf range of military vehicles for example.  I used to see these quite often in hobby shops, but never gave them much thought, simply because I was heads down in Napoleonics and American Civil War at the time.  Now that I am into 15mm moderns, these vehicles have come back into my state of consciousness.  

I had come across a few recent posts on The Miniatures Page referencing these vehicles, so off to eBay I went in hopes I could find a few.  I was looking for something to use with the 1970s Africa project, as I simply was not satisfied with using Marders for the Germans' transport.  Seemed a bit like overkill and realistic, the Marder being such a heavy fighting vehicle.  I have always liked the look of those early Bundeswehr Schutzenpanzer, especially the Kurz, so when I came across a few for a decent price, I gobbled them up.  

I still would like a couple of the Lang models as well as another Kurz, and perhaps another truck, but I have a decent start with the four vehicles I was able to buy.  They are the Mercedes-Benz Unimog 1.5t truck (28), the Schutzenpanzer Kurz tracked recon vehicle (135), the CC2 tracked cargo carrier (136), and the Hotchkiss Schutzenpanzer armored command vehicle (139).  The numbers in parenthesis are the Roskopf codes.  

Here are a few pictures showing off these nice toys, alongside some QRF Germans.  Based on the pictures I have seen in the Tankograd Schutzenpanzer book I believe the Roskopf range are perfect for 15mm figures, but you can be the judge from the photos.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog truck

Kurz armored recon vehicle

Cargo carrier

Command vehicle

The three Hotchkiss vehicles together

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