Sunday, August 3, 2014

Air War Korea - Part V: Yes, Even More Toys!

Oh man, oh boy, oh bliss!  Got a little box in the mail yesterday from I-94, and it contain some of the most wonderfully painted planes I have ever seen.  Chris Geisert, who does painting gigs for I-94, painted and decaled these little beauties for me, and I am more than pleased with his work, and the superb!  I do not have the patience to do such small decal work, so having Chris add some character to these babies was well worth the cost.  Depending on the amount of paint and decals, the prices ranged from $3.50 to $4.50 per plane.  Add to that the base cost for a Raiden model, and you can have such great work for under $10.00 a plane.  I almost do not want to tell you how good these are as more work for Chris means more waiting for me!  But, I cannot help but to give props where it is due.  Chris was easy to work with, communicated very well, and the turnaround time was about six weeks (I was fourth in his work queue at the time).

As you can see by the photos, I had several planes commissioned.  One MiG-15 in North Korean colors to go along with the three I bought painted from Zippy off of a Bartertown ad, and two MiGs done up in Soviet markings.

Add in four F9F Panthers, probably my favorite Korean War airplane at the moment, from both a design, color, and Check Your 6! performance perspective.

Six, count 'em, six F-86s, four in 51st Fighter Wing and two in 4th Fighter Wing markings.  The amount of decals Chris added to these are stunning.  I now have John Glenn's MiG Mad Marine in three scales!

And let's not forget four Marine F4Us!  Again, just great work!

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