Saturday, September 13, 2014

By Dagger or Talon...'Bout Damn Time!

FINALLY!  I received my copy of By Dagger or Talon in the post yesterday, and I am glad it came.  When BDoT was first released I must have missed seeing an announcement, and missed out on the chance to buy one.  I've been pounding the poor folks at Ambush Alley Games about when it was coming back into print...told be told back in January "soon."  I do not live in "soon", I live in the now and I want a copy!!!*

Right before seeing the recent post on The Miniatures Page by Shawn of AAG, while perusing the AAG website I stumbled across the fact that BDoT had recently gone back into print!  I went straight to Wargame Vault and purchased both a PDF and hard copy.  I have skimmed through the PDF version a few times, but I am old school and like having the product in my hands without having to go through a ream of paper and two ink cartridges printing the PDF, so when I pulled the booklet out of the mailbox, I immediately started reading the goodies within.

For those of you who do not know, By Dagger or Talon is the first supplement for Tomorrow's War.  The supplement covers in its one hundred plus pages alien species and how to create them within the TW format (in far greater detail than what is given in TW.  It also adds enhanced special operations forces and other juicy tidbits like a slew of scenarios involving the alien races.  It gives some background on some of the first encounters with alien species and allows players to game within the TW canon (loose as the TW canon may be) or to create their own species to game on the tabletop.

I hope that Ambush Alley Games will continue to flesh out their historical background with future supplements (one can always check their forum for ideas from others), but in the meantime By Dagger or Talon is a hell of a good place to start!

* I have had nothing but great experiences with the folks at AAG, so I hope my impatience wasn't too annoying!


  1. Having customers anxious to get out products is NEVER annoying! Glad you're enjoying the book!


  2. Thanks, Shawn! Sometimes my "instant gratification" gets the best of me!


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