Thursday, September 11, 2014

Peter Pig 15% Sale

ARVN - Picture from Peter Pig website
This is something that doesn't come along very often, a sale at Peter Pig!  They are offering a 15% off sale on all their items with a minimum $65.00 order.  The sale goes until September 18th.  I've been dabbling with the thought of getting into Vietnam (I should say back into Vietnam, for like the tenth time!), and so took advantage of the sale to do just that.  I ordered a mix of figures, Americans, ARVN, VC, and peasants, so I will have a decent mix of forces to use, most likely with Ambush Alley Games' Ambush Valley.  I do have a copy of RAFM's Charlie Company on the way as well as I like the idea of a campaign and all players taking on the role of Free World forces.  

Peter Pig does a nice line of figures, but I still felt a bit limited without having U.S. Marines with M-14s or ARVN/ROK troops with Garands and M-1/M-2 carbines to choose from, or even CIDG forces to buy, but the sale convinced me that Peter Pig was the way to go...that and the fact I do like their figures.  That said, it probably took me three hours and several variations of shopping cart contents to decide what I wanted to order.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up! (My bank balance doesn't thank you, though...)

  2. We all have to take a hit now and then, for the hobby's sake of course! :)


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