Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I have to be honest, I had to look up DEVGRU the first time I came across the term on the Khurasan site a couple of years ago.  Then I had to search on the weapons the Khurasan DEVGRU are cast with as there were some I had never heard of.  That is the problem with ultra-modern, keeping up with all the advancing developments.  (what do you mean we aren't using the M-60 main battle tank any longer?)  Regardless, while I liked the figures the first time I came across them, I had no need to buy any.  Let's face it, I have PLENTY of figures for my Force on Force/Ambush Alley project(s).  Plenty until Micropanzer was selling some painted ones on The Miniatures Page some months ago.  Curse Jason anyway, taunting me with nicely painted figures and really bargain basement pricing to boot.  A quick message telling him I need to add to my miniature addiction and I secured the DEVGRU.  Now what to do with them?

Here is the description from the Khurasan website:

SEAL DEVGRU operators, OPS-COR helmets, wearing PVS-15 and face mask (eight models – six with HK416 (two with grenade launchers attached), one with Mk 14 EBR, and one with Mk 46 Mod 1

The Weapons

The HK-416 I hadn't heard of, but knew of course that it had to be yet another fine offering from those folks at Heckler & Koch.  Yep, it is.  An advanced AR-15 they call it.  Not as cool as the G-36 (sorry, just LOVE that weapon), but in use by various military and civilian forces, it is a still fairly neat weapon.

A Mk. 14 EBR?  What the frack?  Never heard of that one either.  Oh, it is an advanced M-14 you say?  Okay, that is cool.  Enhanced Battle Rifle.  Good to see the American military is still committed to some of our forces carrying a weapon using the wham bam 7.62mm round.  Gotta love that and gotta love the fact that one of these figures is carrying such a powerful weapon.

A Mk 46 Mod 1?  Oh, a special forces version of the M-249 SAW.  Check.  Got it.

The Figures

Here are some pictures of the DEVGRU figs offered by Khurasan.  I have to be honest, I have NO idea where I found the last three pictures!  If you know, let me know so I can give proper credit.  Regardless (not IRregardless, that isn't even a word!), these are crackin' little figures, with detail, animation, and heft.  UPDATE:  The last three pics are from the Little Big Wars blog!

The figures as I purchased them from Micropanzer

From the Khurasan website

Carrying HK-416s and grenade launchers


Mk. 46 on the left, Mk. 14 EBR on the right


  1. They're great little minis, they have as much if not more life in them than their 28mm offerings.

  2. I had fun with these too :)


    They're a versatile bunch: near future SF, or current elite forces. Some of Khurasan's best troops IMO.

    1. Wow, crackin' good paint work there! Thanks for sharing your link!

      I agree, really nice figures and the price I paid for them painted was stupid cheap, making it a no-brainer to snag them.


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