Friday, November 21, 2014

The Bazaar - Filled to the Brim

I've decided to really reduce the amount of gaming items of I own, and so I am selling off a lot of lots of miniatures.  Bottom line is that I have too many historical periods I am interested in and not enough time to do them all, and and in my interests beyond gaming and it really is all too much to fathom ever completing, let alone gaming with.  As I only game once or twice a month as it is, reducing the collections not only brings in a little cash, but it also helps to clear out a closet which will make the wifey happy.  

There are several sci-fi lots currently available, and I just added some colonial figures as well.  Over the next few days I'll be adding some fairly oddball stuff, like biblicals and Great Paraguayan War, so make certain to check the Bazaar page on a regular basis.

Prices are really good, with most lots going for about 50% off their retail prices.  And considering some of these figures were purchased outside the U.S., the savings is greater as buyers will pay my shipping rates, which are much better than international.

Terms are CONUS buyers only, check or PayPal.  Most items are unpainted and still in their bags, so it is like buying new product for a ridiculous savings.

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