Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Picture from MiniFigs website...green stars?!
Realizing that the Fox Hill scenario will need little (make that ZERO) in the way of vehicles, I still cannot help collecting a few tanks for the Korean War.  I already have a Panzer Depot Pershing and Chaffee along with a Pithead Chaffee and T34/85, yet today I placed an order with Miniature Figurines for their Pershing and T34/85 models.  I would also order vehicles from Pendraken, but they do not make a Pershing nor a Chaffee and not even a T34/85.  I guess that is a good thing as I certainly do not need additional T34s (not used by the Chinese anyway) or Chaffees (not used by the Marines).  I do plan to throw into the Fox Hill scenario the extremely random chance that a Marine M26 might make an appearance on the table, as the 1st Marine Division had the M26 in their organizational table.

What I DO plan to do with all these (mostly useless) vehicles is to write up a comparison review with pictures.  While there is already a bit of a review comparing the Panzer Depot and Pithead offerings, adding another company into the mix, providing pics, and giving more detail should help those of you who might be considering a 10/12mm project decide on what vehicles you would select.  

Hmmm, come to think of it, I do not own the seminal work Marine Corps Tank Battles in the Korean War.  Off to Amazon to rectify that little oversight!

Update - Phil at Pithead just informed me that he will be releasing his version of the M26 Pershing after Christmas!

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