Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Land War - Part II: The Armor

I've had these little beauties for a few weeks, and decided to get some pictures posted here on the blog.  In deciding to go with 10mm for the land war portion of the Korean War, I had to be able to find some sources for vehicles.  Pithead Miniatures offers a huge list of American vehicles for World War II, most are rather suited for Korea, and considering that they are the company of choice for the land war project, I ordered an M24 Chaffee and a T-34/85 with my infantry order last month.  Both vehicles are very easy to assemble, as they have two tracks, a hull, and a turret.  They are not bad castings, a bit of flash to clean, a few moments to glue together, and they you have it, armor for Korea.  Well, of course I will need to paint them, but both vehicles will have fairly simple paint schemes and a few decals for national markings.  As for cost, the Chaffee comes out to be $4.36 and the T-34/85 was $4.19.  I am guessing the cost of the Chaffee is higher as it is a limited edition for Pithead.

But, also knowing that if I wanted to really move this project along and being a realist, one who knows that painting occurs on very rare occasions, I also decided to purchase two vehicles from Panzer Depot from a recommendation from The Miniatures Page.  It took a few weeks to receive my Panzer Depot order (I believe they are based in Hong Kong or another portion of China), but the tanks are nicely done.  Cleanly made, pre-painted, very well-packaged, and they include decals. If you do not mind the cost, Panzer Depot is the way to go for 1/144 vehicles.  I bought a Chaffee and an M26 Pershing (a personal favorite), the Chaffee was $15.80 and the Pershing cost $16.80, but they are ready to use right out of the box.  I will hit them both with a bit of highlighting and add the decals, and they will be nice additions to the gaming table.  Panzer Depot makes 260 World War II vehicles, so again one can get a lot of use from their offerings for Korea (but no T-34-85 at this time).  And I have enough Panzer Depot decals left for the Pithead tanks, bonus!

Comparing sizes the Pithead and Panzer Depot Chaffees are decently close, the Pithead being a tad shorter in hull length and having less detail on the casting.  But one can grab four Pitheads for the price of one Panzer Depot, so cost could play a factor in the future.  As I do not see buying many vehicles, I will probably go with Panzer Depot first, then Pithead for those vehicles not produced by Panzer Depot.

All in all I am happy with both companies as one has good cost and decent detail and the other ready to use and great quality.  I do not think you could go wrong with either company.

A few more pictures:

Monday, June 2, 2014

Check Your 6! Air War Korea

I went through the CY6 Air War Korea scenario book tonight to determine what would be the maximum number of the aircraft needed to create each scenario.  The numbers are...impressive.  I do not believe I will aspire to collect them all as this is simply too many aircraft to comprehend, especially the number of B-29s one would need.

Aircraft # Needed
AD-4 4
B-29A 9
F4U-4 4
F-51D 6
F-80C 8
F-82A 3
F-84E 8
F-86A 6
F-86E 6
F-86F 4
F9F-2 8
F9F-3 4
F9F-5 7
IL-10 6
La-11 10
Meteor 2
MiG-15 8
MiG-15bis 8
RF-86A 1
Tu-2 9
Yak-9P 9

Obviously some of the above are not manufactured in 1/285th (and I am a stickler, no 1/300th scale for me), and some are redundant as few folks will be able to tell the difference between a MiG-15 and a MiG-15bis in 1/285th, so that does shrink the list down a bit but still leaves far more aircraft than I want to invest in.

What I am shooting for is the following: four F4Us, six F-86s, four F9Fs, and six MiG-15s.  To that end I am sending some planes to Chris Geisert at I-94 Enterprises to have painted.  I have seen his work firsthand, and he does a very nice job for a very reasonable price.  Of course I will post pictures of the planes once he has sent them back to me.
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