Saturday, December 26, 2015

Chaco War in the Air - Additional Planes

Fiat Cr.20 from Arctic Skunk
Contrary to my previous post, Arctic Skunk does make a much larger range of 1/288th scale Chaco War aircraft than mentioned.  They do not appear for some reason under his Interwar Aircraft section, but if one does a search for a specific plane, one can find the 1/288th scale offerings.  This means the following are all available:

IW01B Curtiss Hawk II (1/288)
IW02B Fiat Cr 20 (1/288)
IW03B Potez 25 (1/288)
IW04B CW-14R Osprey (1/288)
IW08B Breguet 19A2 (1/288)
IW09B Vickers Type 143 Scout (1/288)
IW10B Wibault 73C1 (1/288)
IW11B Vickers Type 149 Vespa III (1/288)
IW12B Junkers W34 Transport
IW13B Junkers K43 Bomber
IW14B Curtiss Cyclone Falcon (1/288)

Many of you will already know this, but typically one can buy planes in what is called White Strong Flexible (WSF) material.  It does live up to its name, but is produced with a very grainy texture that detracts from the smooth lines of aircraft.  WSF takes a fair amount of surface prep work to remove some of the grainy feel and to allow paints to adhere to the surface.  As WSF is very porous, one cannot simply apply a coat of primer as the paint will get sucked into the WSF vortex.  Typically it takes several coats of a 50/50 white glue/water solution to prep the surface for painting.  Sound like a lot of effort, and it is.  However, with these 1/288th scale offerings, the material used is called Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD), which allows details to be seen more clearly, and does not have the grainy texture of WSF.  FUD is more expensive than WSF, and its more delicate, but in order to produce aircraft in this scale FUD is the only material that will print.

Thank you to Arctic Skunk for his timely responses to my messages on Shapeways to clarify the availability issue.  He did mention that he is having issues with the W34 and the K43 and they need to be reworked, but the other offerings seems to be fine. 

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