Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Building Southeast Asia - Part III

I completed the assembly of the final Eleven Tree Designs building last night, and of the three, from a design perspective, it may be my favorite.  The addition of a fenced in area along with a different style of ladder (that involved adding the individual steps to the rungs) leads to a building with flair.  And this time I did remember to snap pictures with figures for scale purposes (The Scene's special forces - think the movie Predator).  The assembly again was very similar to the first two buildings: build the main walls, build the bottom base, build the roof, glue the walls to the upper base and the upper base to the lower base, and you are pretty much done.  No apex for the roof again, but I do not think it needs one.  And I really do not think I will be doing much for painting...when I showed the wife she thought they were already painted and ready for the table. 

I'll let the pictures take over from here.

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