Friday, April 22, 2016

My Current Kickstarter Pledges

I have been lucky thus far, I have backed four Kickstarter projects which have all delivered on their promises.  My buy-in was small, usually at the lower levels, that way any potential loss would be fairly minimal, but still giving the projects some support.  The three gaming Kickstarters I supported all delivered, albeit with some delays, but the communication across the board cases was great and the products were excellent (Armies Army 15mm sci-fi British, Topside Minis World War I, and Fatal Choices for the naval Battles of Coronel and Falkands for the Great War).

My two current pledges are for more 15mm sci-fi figures.  The first is from SLAP Miniatures for some Global Defence Forces.  I have no need for additional sci-fi figures, but honestly I like the look of the GDF, a hard sci-fi, near future feel (think colonial marines ala Aliens).  I only pledged for a combat patrol (ten riflemen and six specialists) which will give great flexibility in fireteam and squad creation.

The second pledge I jumped on because of the XCOM look of the proposed range - Astagar Snakemen from Critical Mass Games, which look a lot like the snakemen from XCOM.  In this case I only pledged enough to get me access to additional buys, as I doubt I will ever get to a snakemen XCOM project (I already have stand ins for Sectoids and really that should be plenty).

So, while I have heard about some issues with some gaming Kickstarter campaigns, my experience has been very positive.  For my two current backings the companies have done a great job communicating the status of their respective campaigns.  Hopefully I will be six for six once these two have completed their projects!

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