Friday, September 23, 2016

A Review and Build of the Irishserb VBL

Both versions assembled
Sometimes it is good to have talented friends....

Recently I made a trade for some Irishserb 15mm vehicles.  It was a good trade in which I was able to obtain some pretty cool mostly Cold War period vehicles to use for Lord knows what (most likely some sort of African warlord brew-up) but the figures I had I wasn't using and I knew Irishserb would be more likely to get them on the table, so we worked out a deal.  I shipped off my Old Glory Boxer Rebellion 25mm Germans and a short while later I received a goodie box with several vehicles I selected from Brian's offerings.

.50 cal VBL
I put together the two VBLs I selected, one being a recce model with a GPMG and the other having a big honking .50 cal.  

The VBLs come in nine (recce version) and ten pieces (.50 cal version, which has an extra hatch cover you do not need to use so really it is a nine piece kit).  The vehicles are beautifully cast in a lightweight resin.  There is very little mold flash, what little is there flicks off with a fingernail as it is so minimal and so thin.  The detail on the vehicles is superbly crisp and exacting.  There are no resin bubbles to be seen, making these extremely well cast models, something I believe Irishserb takes pride in.

Showing the tabs to align the wheels
Assembly was fairly simple, and would have been easier with a bit of fast setting superglue, but what I had took a bit longer to set so I built these over two evenings.  Starting with the wheels, I glued them into place and made sure to align them using the tab showing in the picture to the right.  Once they were set I added the hatch covers and hatch ring.  The GPMG was a bit fiddly as you just glue it on top...there are no slots or tabs, but I think I have it pretty close to actual...good enough for gaming certainly.  I added the ammo box and feeder to the .50 turret, then filed down the bottoms of the wheels a bit to flatten them out.

Assembled recce version
Cost per VBL is only $5.00, one of the best bargains for resin 15mm vehicles currently on the market.  

Irishserb is not taking orders until October, but you can check out his wares in the meantime on his website.

Assembled .50 cal VBL

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