Monday, September 26, 2016

Curse You Ground Zero Games!

Picture from GZG website
Today I went to go take a look at the GZG website to see their new vehicle for their Moongrunt offerings, and before I could even get that far, I came across new figures for a new faction for Stargrunt.  Now, I don't do Stargrunt per se, but do use Stargrunt figures for my own nefarious gaming.  And I really like the looks of this new Stargrunt faction (OutRim Coalition - see picture).

With the deal, one buys an eight figure pack for the normal eight figure pack price, and two free SAW gunners are included.  I love this idea as a) it cuts down on the extra SAW gunners I always wind up with, b) it gives me five-man fireteams which is concurrent with modern German forces that I "base" some of my gaming on, and c) they are FREE figures included in every pack!

According to the GZG website, this is a limited offer (receiving the two extra figures), so I guess I better go order a few packs!

Hmmm, I never did find that Moongrunt vehicle....

UPDATE - I went forward and ordered a couple of packs of these OutRim Coalition figures as well as some packs of the Moongrunt infantry (both US Marines and Chinese).  Couldn't pass up the ten figure packs for the OutRim releases...worked out to .32 cents per figure (before shipping) for some great quality 15mm sci-fi.  No idea what I will do with the OutRim figures, other than some sort of Germanic based faction (hmmm, Swiss...could look cool with little patches of red squares and white crosses on some sort of dark combat uniform).  The Moongrunt figures should be fun, and I have terrain for the Moon, having bought a dark gray Zuzzy mat and handmade sci-fi buildings from Micropanzer some time ago.


  1. Nice! I do like GZG stuff, myself ;)

    1. I do as well, one of the best companies out there for 15mm sci-fi!

  2. That is excellent, I hadn't seen these figs yet. Guess I know where next months gaming budget is going...

    1. I had better order mine today make certain I get the limited offer ten figure pack. :) The new NSL Jagers have the same deal. Ten figures for the price of eight which includes two SAW gunners.


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