Sunday, January 8, 2017

Taking Advantage, Yet Again

Over on the Fields of Fire Vietnam forum there was a post from Scale Creep Miniatures about reducing their remaining Flashpoint Miniatures stock.  As I love a sale, I just HAD to take advantage of the 30% off, and added a bit of cool items to my 15mm Vietnam project (Koh Tang Island), which really means I added a new Vietnam project altogether as most of what I purchased has nothing to do with Koh Tang!

I was able to snag a platoon of Main Force infantry, a platoon of Main Force weapons, a platoon of M14-armed Marines, some defensive and casualty tokens for the communists, along with some porters and a civilian ox cart.  I was hoping to score some Australians, but the rifle platoon was already sold out.  As you can see, really none of the above has any relationship to Koh Tang, but what the hell!

And of course, Scale Creep once again lived up to their usual fast turnaround time.  I had the figures in a just a couple of days from when I ordered.

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