Thursday, November 30, 2017

Banana Wars - The Government Forces

I had mentioned in a previous post another possible use for my Khurasan Chaco War figures...Banana Wars.  Tonight I mounted a couple of squads of infantry along with a Vickers heavy machinegun and a light mortar team.  Each squad is made up of six riflemen (armed with bolt action Mausers), a light machinegunner with a Vickers Berthier LMG, and an officer with a pistol.

The government forces pay lip service to the Yankees, offering the barest of support in field operations, as they have their own agenda when it comes to controlling the populace.  They are well equipped, but are poorly trained, and man for man not a match for the rebels that dominate the countryside.  But they are necessary for local leaders, "loyal" to El Presidente, to maintain tight control over the provincial towns.


  1. Great stuff Buckeye!!!! Very interesting project with tons of fun gaming potential.


  2. Thanks, JB. I have to figure out a good way to use my boat and air support and thought a pseudo historical setting would work.


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