Saturday, November 25, 2017

Indochina - All Based

I was able to get the Viet Minh based a couple of nights ago (luckily my wife had a tube of superglue since the cap on mine was glued on tight).  I have two groups of Viet Minh, each basically a large or reinforced squad in size.  Each unit consists of eight riflemen with assorted rifles, four sub-machine gunners with assorted SMGs, two light machine-gunners, and an officer.  I wanted a larger force of Viet Minh as I plan on using a random force generator for the Communists and having a mix of troops will accommodate that.

Back row - riflemen, Middle row - SMGs, front row - LMGs and officer

For the French I have two smaller units, each consisting of three riflemen, one sub-machine gunner, one RTO (with SMG), one rifleman with an M1 Carbine, and an officer with an SMG.  There is also one light machine-gun team.  I am thinking I need to add one additional LMG team just in case the Viet Minh roll multiple LMG support.

L to R - three riflemen (MAS36), SMG (MAT49), RTO, M1 Carbine, officer
Next steps will be getting the bases prepped and then a coat of primer.

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