Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Indochina - French on Bases

I received my order from Eureka USA a few days ago, and the figures are very nice.  Of course, once again service from Eureka USA was amazing.  I also received my order from Litko in record time, normally it seems to take two weeks to receive orders from Litko, but my latest need for a fix only took a few days.  Then I realized the bases I ordered were the thin and not the medium thickness, but the difference is fairly minimal.

Last night I took a few minutes and mounted the French.  This force amounts to an oversized section which I am breaking into two weak squads.  Each squad will consist of three riflemen with MAS36, one rifleman with M1 Carbine, two MAT49 sub-machine gunners, and an officer/squad leader, armed also with an MAT49.  There is also a light machine-gun team with an FM24/29 and a rifleman (with MAS36) as assistant gunner.

Tomorrow night I plan on getting the Viet Minh on their bases.


  1. Charlie ne surfe pas!

    But seriously - they look great. What are you using for rules?

    1. Most likely FNG/Nuts! I do not have quite the force pool for Ambush Alley, but with FNG a player can run a handful of figures.


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