Friday, December 1, 2017

Banana Wars - The Rebel Forces

While I still have some other assorted figures to mount (the Eureka sailors and Filipinos), I wanted to get the rebel forces on bases.  I am going to need more bad guys and having a couple of squads supported by two heavy machineguns and two mortars just isn't going to be enough.  Placing an order for some more basic infantry types should make the owner at Khurasan happy as I am sure he hasn't sold a ton of his Chaco War range.

Each squad has six riflemen with Mausers and machetes, a Madsen light machinegunner, and a leader.  They are supported by two heavy machineguns (one a Berthier and the other a Colt), and two light mortars.  I'll need to order at least two more infantry squads to beef up the rebels.

Infantry squads supported by machineguns and light mortars
Since I have been on a mounting frenzy of late, I am also going to have to order more bases from Litko, of all sizes.  On the drive home from work tonight I started thinking about how to base the Blue Moon Great War Americans I have still in packs and perhaps it is time to consider skirmish rules for that project as well, meaning individually based figures.


  1. If you need rules, I've got a copy of "Men Under Fire" sitting on the shelf that might work. I've not played them, but they seem like a pretty standard set of tabletop rules that are geared to more of the squad-fire team level. FREX, a tank is a single tank. It's generic enough that it could work for almost any period - maybe even Indochina.

  2. I am definitely interested in seeing them!


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