Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ambush Alley Games - Kinda Dead

Ambush Alley Games has gone through a lot of transformation the last couple of years.  They had a forum, a very active one, which blew up.  They started another forum on a newer website platform, which was kinda decent, got blew up.  Their current website hasn't been updated for some time, many of the rules and supplements are out of print or close to it.  They carry the official line of GZG figures for Tomorrow's War, but have priced themselves so high that it is cheaper for me, with shipping included, to order direct from GZG.  They have their own forum space on The Wargames Website, but haven't teased us with any updates for months.  They said they are going back to their roots with Ambush Alley (before the Osprey adventure), but that has been months ago.  

Is this the slow death of yet another great gaming company?  I certainly hope not.  Luckily I was able to grab print copies of Ambush Alley, Force on Force, Tomorrow's War, all the FoF supplements, and By Dagger or Talon before most of the aformentioned went out of print, so I am fairly set with AAG products, but like many gamers, I do like new content from time to time, and AAG seems to have hit a snag.  'Tis a shame, because they had/have a strong following and have been decent people to engage with.  I certainly understand real life situations getting in the way of the hobby, but at least post once a month on the forum to keep the fans updated, and update the website now and again so as to stay relevant within the market.

Will AAG arise, or will they fade away?  I hope that soon (and I mean this year) they will have new product for us while staying actively engaged with their customer base.  We don't want to lose AAG!


  1. Well having been in the hobby a few decades (since 78) there are ups and downs that happen, I hope this is one of the temporary downs. I take GZGs as an example
    of one the companies that has staying power and knowing when and where to shift,
    i.e. going into 15mm from 25mm.I think Ambush Alley can make it if they get some demos out to the various conventions and re-spark some interest.

    1. There have certainly been a slew of companies that have gone under. A fave of mine was the old Empire/Heritage range of ACW. I 100% agree with your statement on GZG, great company that offers quality figures for a good price, and they keep churning out more. And I hope you are correct about AAG. I have offered in the past to run demos, but never received much of a reply. Fingers crossed that things will head upward soon!

    2. Let us hope so, I'm rather surprised they did not respond to your offer, allot of times these guys lose sight of the big picture in that sustainability is how one succeeds. Again I sight Jon at GZGs a one man operation on his 22 year I think.

    3. The offer was two forums ago, so it has been awhile. Maybe I should try again which in turn might spark some other activity from them.


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