Friday, January 19, 2018

Modern Austrians - Part II

Picture from Eureka website
The figures have arrived!  I placed my order on a Friday evening, and had the figures in six days.  These are some of the nicest 15mm moderns available today, great proportions, weapons that do not look like bazookas, crisply cast with little to no flash, with animated but not overdone poses.  Little gems to go along with the as usual great service from Eureka Miniatures USA!

I ordered a couple of command teams, two GPMG teams (Heckler & Koch MG5), one pack of infantry with Minimi (in this case used as the Heckler & Koch MG4), a pack of infantry with grenade launchers (Steyr GL 40s), and a pack of standard infantry with AUGs (StG 77s).

I plan to use this for the organization (a bit of a change from the original post about modern Austrians):

Two Squads, each with:

Feuerwehrteam A
  • One fireteam leader with StG 77
  • One rifleman with StG 77 and GL 40
  • One MG4 SAW gunner
  • Two riflemen with StG 77
Feuerwehrteam B
  • One fireteam leader with StG 77
  • One rifleman with StG 77 and GL 40
  • One MG 5 GPMG gunner
  • One assistant gunner with StG 77
  • One rifleman with StG 77
For transport I am actually in a bit of a quandary.  I have two of the Panther vehicles (Iveco LMV) from Evil Bear, but I have four fireteams, so I actually need to buy two more Panthers.  But, they are a bit expensive considering their base price ($12.50 each) on top of the shipping from the U.K.  The Austrians use the Ulan, the Pandur, the Dingo 2, along with the Iveco, but try finding any of the first three in 15mm!  I am open to suggestions for transport.

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