Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Contractors Are Here...Oh, and the CIA!

They arrived yesterday, fifteen wonderfully painted 15mm private military contractors and CIA operatives, painted by Just Jack.  These bitchingly awesome figures are made by CP Models, and even before Jack put brush to metal I really liked CP's range of modern figures.  They are chunky, cleanly cast, with great animation.  And Just Jack captured them all with some fantastic paint jobs!  I cannot thank him enough for these great figures!

CIA Operatives - Picture from CP Models website
Trying to match the above picture, here are the two groups of CIA guys Just Jack painted.

Next up, the contractors:
Contractors - picture from CP Models website
And what I received:

These figures could also be used for special forces for operations in which they need to blend in a bit more with the local forces.

Just a wonderful experience all around.  And now it is time to get these onto the table!

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