Monday, February 26, 2018

Grunts on the Moon...Revisited

Just a quick post about the Moongrunt project.  I kinda sat these excellent GZG figures to the side (was going to send them off for painting with Micropanzer but never made the arrangements) and in a fit of organization a couple of weeks ago came across them again, bagged up and ready to ship out.  As I have also been playing a lot of X-COM lately, the whole period is capturing the imagination once again (can one consider a future event a "period" for gaming?).  Based on some comments on one of the gaming forums when I first posited the question about rules, today I ordered a play copy of GDW's Azhanti High Lightning (just the rules book) for a low price, so those are on their way for future perusal.  The G Dog has offered to get together and run through the rules, so I will try to set up a gaming session with him and Dances with Clydesdales some time this spring (the Walking With History side job is starting to pick up some steam and I have several talks and a couple of tours booked).

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