Monday, June 25, 2018

Spanish Civil War

A picture of the expanded Spanish Civil War collection.  As mentioned in my previous post, I selected my friend's Italian collection as I have fond memories of a Check Your 6! game I played in a few years ago.  In this collection were also some Spanish Civil War aircraft.  I already had a few planes painted up for this conflict (nicely done by Kevin Hammond at Miscellaneous Miniatures), and now there is an Italian component added to the mix.  I am not 100% certain of all the plane types, and I am going to need plenty more Republican forces, but it is a start!

The top row of Bf.109s and the He.51s are ones that I had Kevin paint for me.  The remainder are from Bob's collection - Bf.109s, Cr.32s, I-16s, I-15s, a Ford Tri-motor (I think), and something in the middle I have yet to identify.  There are a mixture of companies represented as well - Raiden and Shapeways, and maybe one or two others.

I'll get the large force of World War II Italian planes together for a future post.

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