Saturday, July 14, 2018

Gaming the Forgotten War Forum

Getting a bit of traction on the Korean War gaming forum, entitled Gaming the Forgotten War.  If you have an interest in Korea, and in particular gaming Korea (1950s style at least), come join us!  With Pendraken's recent 10mm releases, it might be a good time to start a Korean War project.


  1. I just wanted to mention that back in December (or there abouts), I started having trouble logging into the group, and lost touch with it, when I changed computers. It seems to be working now, but the group may have suffered from others experiencing the same or similar problems.

    1. Perhaps has been quirky to say the least. Seemingly the host provider has been getting things together of late...for example approving new members is super easy now. Good to have you back!

  2. It does seem to be working well now.


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