Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Cannon Fodder Returns...

U.S. Rangers - picture from Slave 2 Gaming site
...well sort of....

Slave 2 Gaming, a newer gaming company, has picked up the old modern range first offered by Greg Blake at Cannon Fodder Miniatures.  This makes me very happy!  Why?  Because a few years ago when I wanted to do a 15mm Black Hawk Down project Greg had already closed his doors and the next company to grab the range only offered them for about five minutes.  Yes, there are other ranges one could use, but I have a bit of brand loyalty to Greg's figures...numerous years ago he sent me some of his 28mm Irish as a sample pack, gratis, which I thought was really grand of him.  He has also let me tinker with his
rules that he used for his Irish and 1920s China gaming, and I modified them and offer them free with his blessing (Yanks Up the Yangtze).  

The cost of the figures are a bit high, running about .85 cents each, and with shipping from Aussie land, I am paying around a buck per figure.  But, I want them, I have to have them, and I am sure the wife would understand.  

I ordered four packs, two of rangers and two of African militia.  I was tempted to order some Delta boys as well, but instead decided to do a Black Hawk Down lite sort of thing.  I've got the terrain well in hand for a small town setting, including a version of the Olympic Hotel and a large mosque.  

I am looking forward to receiving these figures and getting them on the table!
Modern Africans - pic from Slave 2 Gaming site


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