Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Stop! Magnet Time!

Heinkel He.51s painted by Kevin Hammond
In order to host an upcoming Check Your 6! game, one set during the Spanish Civil War, I had to take some time and add magnets to the various aircraft that Kevin Hammond, he of Miscellaneous Miniatures fame, painted up for me quite some time ago!  Using my trusty magnet tool I picked up from Corsec Engineering, I not only knocked out the Spanish Civil War aircraft that were in need of magnets, but also some Korean War planes, painted by Chris Geisert, that were still needing this necessary accessory.

I was able to find some nicely priced magnets from K and J Magnetics.  Unfortunately, based on some completed aircraft I had picked up I ordered the incorrect size, very small fiddly ones, so I had to place another order after looking over my own aircraft to get the size magnets I truly wanted.  K and J offer a huge variety of sizes, with good shipping rates.  

1 comment:

  1. Magnets are brilliant for basing, as long as you get the polarity right!


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