Saturday, April 13, 2019

1948 Arab-Israeli War

Nice, a long planned project finally coming to fruition....

I picked up some greatly reduced Raiden aircraft from Dom at Dom's Decals some time ago, for the most part planes that would be correct for use in the '48 Arab-Israeli War.  Using Check Your 6! and a '48 War article (an supplement download) that appeared in Wargames Illustrated (#310) and written by Rob Wubbenhorst, I gathered planes to tackle a few small scenarios from that article.  Sending the planes off a few months ago to Kevin at Miscellaneous Miniatures, I received them a few weeks ago, and am really impressed by Kevin's work (again).  All I need to do is glue on some magnets and fill out some aircraft sheets and they are ready for Check Your 6! Game Day in June!


  1. Those look great. I've painted some 1/600th scale aircraft for 1948. It's a fascinating and unusual air campaign.

    1. They have to be tiny! I admire your skill in tackling camo schemes at that scale.

  2. Lovely of the periods I'd really like to game someday.

  3. Working on planes for those same scenarios, but they're not that far along. I am looking forward to your game in Dayton in June, though.


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