Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Các cố vấn

As mentioned in a previous post, I have some nicely sculpted Eureka North Koreans that I plan to use as advisors in Indochina....

Các cố vấn - Unknown to all but a few, a group of North Korean advisors were sent to support the Communist effort in Indochina.  Being in an advisory capacity it was important that they were not discovered by French forces as this might widen both the Indochina and Korean conflicts.  Serving  However, there was one instance in which the North Koreans were involved in a small firefight, in central Vietnam, near a place called Pleiku....

"Bon Dieu, il fait chaud!"  The hot and humid jungle was not the only issue that Lieutenant Médard De la Croix had to deal with. His undersized platoon - really a squad and mostly made up of miscreants and even some former SS personnel - were always a troublesome lot, but being stationed over twenty kilometers from the nearest support made his men edgy, and so too was De la Croix.  Even with his steady and experienced sergeant to keep the men in tow, the lieutenant was uneasy.  "Sergeant, get the men ready, we have a patrol in the morning."  Sergeant Reinhold Kästner was one of those NCOs that could make or break a new officer, and De la Croix knew that Kästner was better left to manage the men as the sergeant saw fit.

"Vere ist ve heading, Lieutenant?"

"Back to ze village, Kästner."

Village of Ch'Rong 1

Forces - All Eureka
Viet Minh - platoon of thirty men, including two LMG teams
North Korean Các cố vấn - squad, supported by an LMG team and a light mortar
French Foreign Legion - sixteen men, with small arms and an LMG team

Flat, using The Terrain Guy tiles and trees, along with Flames of War paddies and jungle bushes.  Buildings are Eleven Tree and Flames of War.

This post will be added to over the months and years.

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