Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Today I received two orders for planes for yet another project, the background setting being Operation Torch.  I love doing odd periods, or odd pieces of common conflicts, and I like odd or lesser known aircraft.  One of my favorite planes is the Heinkel He.112.  Why?  I like the sleek look, the fact that the prototype was faster than the Bf.109, and that it was in service with Romania, Spain, and Hungary.  I've been planning on buying some of these planes for a couple of years now, but only MSD Games seemed to make a quality version, even though MSD seems to be more 1/300 than 1/285.  And I was going to buy them to use as Romanians to fight against Soviet I-16s.  But other voices got inside my brain, so I have come up with something a bit different.

I also like the paint schemes of American Navy aircraft for Torch, and was going to buy four Wildcats and four D.520s for the scenario that appears in the Check Your 6! rule book.  But I really like those Heinkels, so I have come up with a three-sided scenario that I can use to teach new players, using Spanish Heinkels as the third party.  The Spanish did have some encounters with both the Americans and the Vichy French, so it wasn't a huge stretch to create this intro scenario.  So along with my MSD order for four Heinkels, I also ordered four each of the Raiden F4Fs and Dewoitines from I-94.

While the basic parts of the scenario have been written, I still need to add a bit of background, and also figure out national move order for the three sides.  If you are interested in an MS Word file of what I have completed thus far, leave a comment and I'll provide my email address to you.

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