Tuesday, May 26, 2020

South Koreans for Vietnam

Yep, thinking once again about something not in the gaming mainstream for another project.  The ROK forces that served during the Vietnam War were tough fighters, respected by their American counterparts, and also prone to bursts of violence against the Vietnamese population.  The latter aside, I've been looking at figure options for South Koreans.  There is no one line in any size/scale that I can find that makes a Vietnam range for South Koreans, but that really isn't a huge concern as one can use Americans from Korea or even World War II as really close proxies for the first two years of the ROK presence in Vietnam.  What does become the issue is finding a range of figures that match up weapon-wise with other ranges I own (Flashpoint/Flames of War/Khurasan) but height wise are shorter than Americans.  I love the look of Eureka's US Marines, but not sure if they would be too tall compared to the aforementioned ranges.

All this comes about (again) because I am reading The Village for about the sixth time, plus being active on the reborn Fields of Fire forum.

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