Saturday, December 7, 2019

Hot Damn - Been Waiting for These!

A few weeks ago Tiny Tin Troops had a post on one of the gaming sites, selling the complete and painted ships for the Battles of Coronel and Falklands, in 1/6000 scale.  I thought the pricing was very reasonable, so reached out and bought these little gems from them.  Today the ships arrived in the post, in wonderful condition, and now I cannot wait to get them on the table...once I secure a sea mat.

I really love the paint jobs, and really the small scale of the ships will be a bit more visually in scale on the tabletop.

I already had these fleets in 1/1800 from Topside Minis, which are printed ships on decal paper that one affixes to wooden bases, but when I saw painted minis for practically nothing, I had to jump on them.  Now, where DID I put that copy of General Quarters II?

Friday, November 8, 2019


One of the scenarios for the Check Your 6 1948 Arab-Israeli War published in Wargames Illustrated calls for a vessel, the Eqyptian Amir Faruq.  This happens to be a sloop similar in appearance to a Flower-class sloop, and so I decided to take advantage of the Topside Minis cheap prices and buy one of their Flower-class 1/1800 scale offerings.  These are two dimensional renderings on self adhesive paper, that then is affixed to a base.  For those interested in getting started in naval gaming but find the pricing of some ranges overwhelming, or the thought of painting is just o much to bear, Topside is an affordable way to give naval gaming a try...or in this case a target for Check Your 6.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Growing the 1948 Arab-Israeli War Collection

A couple of weeks ago I received my most recent commission work from Kevin Hammond at Miscellaneous Miniatures, some oddball planes needed to complete the remaining scenarios published at Wargames Illustrated, written by Wubbenhorst.  Kevin isn't really doing commission work any longer, but as I have used him in the past and was very vocal on various forums about my utter satisfaction with his painting, he graciously offered to keep doing small jobs for me as needed. 

Here we have some Raiden additions for the British, Israelis, and Egyptians in the form of Spitfires, Macchis, a Beaufighter, and a proxy Hawker Fury (really a Tempest with a radial engine).  The planes I used for this period are not 100% spot on, but are pretty close, and used some planes I had picked up from Dom's Decals a few years ago for a really amazing price.  Magnets have been added, so now I just need a few convoy vehicles and a ship and I will have all the toys necessary to complete all six scenarios.

As for the scenarios, most are small in terms of player count, so I will be combining a few to be able to host medium-sized games.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Today I received two orders for planes for yet another project, the background setting being Operation Torch.  I love doing odd periods, or odd pieces of common conflicts, and I like odd or lesser known aircraft.  One of my favorite planes is the Heinkel He.112.  Why?  I like the sleek look, the fact that the prototype was faster than the Bf.109, and that it was in service with Romania, Spain, and Hungary.  I've been planning on buying some of these planes for a couple of years now, but only MSD Games seemed to make a quality version, even though MSD seems to be more 1/300 than 1/285.  And I was going to buy them to use as Romanians to fight against Soviet I-16s.  But other voices got inside my brain, so I have come up with something a bit different.

I also like the paint schemes of American Navy aircraft for Torch, and was going to buy four Wildcats and four D.520s for the scenario that appears in the Check Your 6! rule book.  But I really like those Heinkels, so I have come up with a three-sided scenario that I can use to teach new players, using Spanish Heinkels as the third party.  The Spanish did have some encounters with both the Americans and the Vichy French, so it wasn't a huge stretch to create this intro scenario.  So along with my MSD order for four Heinkels, I also ordered four each of the Raiden F4Fs and Dewoitines from I-94.

While the basic parts of the scenario have been written, I still need to add a bit of background, and also figure out national move order for the three sides.  If you are interested in an MS Word file of what I have completed thus far, leave a comment and I'll provide my email address to you.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

More 1948 Planes Being Painted

This morning I sent off six more 1948 Arab-Israeli War planes to Miscellaneous Miniatures for painting.  Once these have been completed this will allow me to do all the scenarios that appeared in Wargames Illustrated.  Two Macchi MC.205s, two Spitfires (Late model for the Brits), a Beaufighter, and a Hawker Sea Fury will grace the gaming table in a few months.  Kevin at Miscellaneous really isn't doing planes any longer, but since I have been an established customers he has agreed to keep doing some small projects for me, which will include Flying Tigers and some Swiss, and then perhaps some 1967 Arab-Israeli and Pakistan-India War.  Then I should be pretty much "done" with Check Your 6! projects.

Back to '48, I was also able to pick up a few painted planes in a trade.  Two are painted for Syria, and are types the Syrians never used, but are still pretty cool so I am going to use at least the Lavochkin La-7 for some flavor.  The other two planes are Bf.109s, but not quite correct for Israel (should have gunpods and blue stripes), but they will also see some table time.

It feels good to get these projects worked on and putting some planes on the table!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Korean War Plane Collection

I am taking some time to go through my 1/285th aircraft to get them a bit more organized, and finally got around to straightening out my Korean War planes.  I have more than I thought!  Here is a picture of the collection, nearly all Raiden, and of course using Check Your 6!  Time to get some aircraft on the game table!
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