Monday, April 5, 2010


And now a bit about the miniatures....

After much debate and hem-hawing over what scale to use, I decided to go with 15mm for size and cost considerations.  I really like 20mm for skirmish gaming, but having pre-painted buildings was not an option as there are very few companies who make pre-painted 20mm Middle Eastern buildings (I wanted the Crescent Root Studios buildings from their Middle Eastern line to use with Liberation Miniatures 20mm figures; alas, Crescent Root are not currently in production), so I decided to try 15mm to see what figures and buildings were out there.  I looked at a variety of manufacturers, and even bought (and since sold) the Rebel Minis modern Americans (which are nice castings) but something about those Peter Pig Marines from their AK-47 range really caught my eye.  Kinda chunky, animated, good poses, yeah, that's the ticket!  And as Ambush Alley does not call for a lot of troops, the handful of figures I would need for the "good guys" was not cost-prohibitive.  I was able to pick up a few packs very cheaply from fellow forum member RJ and then ordered a few more packs directly from Peter Pig (cheaper than ordering from their U.S. distributor and the turnaround time is still very good).  The figures also have the right mix of gear that I wanted for my Generation Kill type of games.  So, the "good guys" are all set (Peter Pig figures with Irishserb and QRF vehicles).

And now, the "bad guys"....

Now that I had settled on 15mm, the selection of insurgents I could choose from became a bit more limited.  I would have prefered to use Peter Pig figures for both sides, and while they make PLO/Arab types, they definitely look a bit more militarized than what I wanted for my insurgents.  Rebel Minis makes both "insurgents" and "fedayeen" when, mixed together, should give me a good enough figure mix for the insurgents, particularly inconjunction with the reinforcement rolls.  There are figures with AKs, RPGs, and RPKs.  Alas, there are no "leader" types, so I will take some of the figures and mount them on larger bases to signify their leadership status.

Speaking of bases, I will be using the Likto Aero round 15mm ones that are 1.5mm thick.  The leaders will be placed on 20mm round bases that are 3mm in thickness.  This should alleviate any questions about which figures are the leaders because they will be slightly taller with a larger base than the "grunts".  I'll use this method for both the regulars and insurgents.  I will probably add some sort of terrain piece as well to help distinguish the leader stands.

Next time, buildings!

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