Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Welcome to Ambushed in the Alley!

This simple blog will serve as my repository for all things related to my 15mm Ambush Alley gaming project. It will be updated from time to time, mostly as I buy or paint figures and vehicles, and then when I actually play some games. My gaming time has been drastically curtailed in the last few years, but I am hoping that having this blog will keep my inspiration level high!

So, what is Ambush Alley? It is a set of modern skirmish rules designed to replicate (mostly) the current actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it can also be used for other periods and locales. I like skirmish level for modern gaming, and having played the rules a few times with some of my gaming compadres I became hooked on it's ease of play and "feel". Feel is such a hard term to define, but let's just say I like the way the rules work and how quickly a game can be played. I also like the randomness of the insurgent side, both on where a unit might appear, and what that unit might be comprised of. The rules are not super detailed, an assault rifle fires with one die no matter what they type, but they are more focused on the quality of troops involved as opposed to their specific weaponry. I won't continue to bore you with rules details, instead I highly encourage those interested to peruse the Ambush Alley website.

My goal will be to create actions based in Iraq during the invasion. My 15mm figures will represent U.S. Marines and insurgents, actions will be inspired by Generation Kill. I have on order some Easy Terrain tiles and palm trees from The Terrain Guy, some savannah grass pieces from Battlefield Architect, and am working to place an order with Wilson's Miniatures for some buildings to supplement those I have from Miniature Building Authority. I am starting with the basic two foot by two foot "board" as recommended in the Ambush Alley rules, but the Easy Terrain allows for...wait for it...easy expansion. My Peter Pig Marines and Rebel Minis insurgents will be sent off for painting (lazy sod am I, yes?) as I simply do not have the time to paint as I once did ten to fifteen years ago. Once they have been completed I will mount them on 15mm round bases from Litko Aero. All told I am shooting for 28 Marines (with support) and 60 insurgents. Eventually I will add in civilians and livestock to bring a little more human element to the board.

So, the blog will be a step by step (not a 12 step program though, I like my beer) process of my Ambush Alley happenings.

Check back from time to time and see what alley I am currently ambushing!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your stuff here in action!

  2. Thanks, mate! Painting will take some time, but over the spring and summer I should be able to post pics of finished models and games.


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