Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rethinking the Force Pool

I am rereading Nathaniel Fick's One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer and it has me thinking about what force pool to use for the U.S. Marines.  Fick was the commander of Second Platoon, Bravo Company, 1st Recon Battalion and his character was a main if conflicted part of the Generation Kill HBO seriesHis book is a must read (for me at least) as it gives a different perspective than Evan Wright's Generation Kill.  It also provides some excellent details on just how Second Platoon was organized for the invasion of Iraq.  Unlike the basic U.S. Marine platoon order of battle given in Ambush Alley (forty-two men), Fick's "fully staffed" platoon consisted of twenty-three men.  Normally Fick's unit would be organized into three recon teams of six men apiece (each led by a sergeant) and a headquarters section of a platoon commander, platoon sergeant, corpsman, communications specialist, and a special equipment NCO.  However, as the U.S. Marines are a highly flexible force, Fick's platoon was restructured in Kuwait (shortly before the invasion) as follows:
  • Team One Alpha - Sergeant Colbert
    • four Marines in one Humvee
  • Team One Bravo - Sergeant Espera
    • five Marines in one Humvee
  • Team Two - Sergeant Patrick
    • five Marines in one Humvee
  • Team Three - Sergeant Lovell
    • four Marines and one corpsman (Doc Bryan) in one Humvee
  • Platoon Headquarters - Lieutenant Fick/Sergeant Wynn
    • four Marines in one Humvee
Okay, I can handle that, even fewer Peter Pig figures to have to get painted, but now I am short a Humvee.  When I placed my Humvee order with the Irishserb he added in some extra Humvees (four to be exact) that he called "throwaways".  I have looked over the "throwaways" only briefly, but I am thinking I will be able to salvage one to use as Humvee number five.  Humvee issue potentially solved, but the platoon arrangement still has me thinking....

In order to give players enough figures to actually use during the course of a game, as well as to provide some flexibility on how I can use the Marines for different scenarios, I think I will just have a total of thirty figures painted (ten leaders, eight M-16s, six M-249s, and six M-16s w/M-203s).  This gives me two standard squads or Fick's Second Platoon, Bravo Company, using distinctive poses within each fireteam.  This will allow two U.S. players to each command a full strength squad if need be.  Yes, that's it, no more beating around the wadi.

Next time, terrain!

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