Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wake Up!

Oh, sorry, did you say something?  Was that the alarm going off?  I do believe I've been asleep for far too long on this blog so here is a little "update".  Life has stayed rather busy and I simply have not made enough progress on my Ambush Alley project.  I've recently moved (still within the Cincinnati area), starting jogging a couple of days a week (now that is a sight I am sure) in preparation for my first 5K, I hike a lot (most weekends), and actually have been busy with work although we are in a slow period (busy is good, but it keeps me from cruising the 'net for gaming purposes...don't tell my boss!).

I have done a bit of rearranging on the site, adding pages for Gaming Sources, Sources of Inspiration, and the Force Pool, removing these elements from the main page.  So I have not been completely inactive, just not active on the gaming project (meaning buying, painting, etc.).

I was very happy to recently stumble across Deimos Design Studio, who make some excellent looking prepainted North African/Arab buildings, which in my (feeble) mind are quite suitable for the Middle East.  Their buildings have removable roofs, which for AA is a must for me.  There are many 15mm building manufacturers out there, but not a lot of prepainted ones, and prepainted buildings with removable roofs in 15mm are even more scarce (Crescent Root, where are you?).  The Deimos product line includes seven offerings at the moment (with a couple of markets and a sheep farm in the mix), with prices ranging from $20.00 to $35.00 American, a heck of a lot cheaper than the Miniature Building Authority range.  I plan on ordering a few of the Deimos buildings soon, and if they "work" for me, I'll sell my MBA ones.  Perhaps that will get the rest of my AA project rolling once again.

I was going to have Wilson's Miniatures custom create some buildings, but after one or two email messages back and forth, they have not responded to my last two inquiries.  Their loss (of income at least).

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