Sunday, August 1, 2010

Deimos Design Studio - 15mm North Africa Building Review

Recently I had found a mention about a company who makes pre-painted 15mm buildings for World War II on another blog.  I am always on the lookout for buildings suitable for the Middle East, especially those that are pre-painted as I simply do not have the time to paint as I once did in my younger days.  Deimos Design Studio (hereafter DDS) has a small range of North African buildings in their WWII line that I thought would be perfect for a small village setting in present day Iraq.  Having purchased most of the Miniature Building Authority (hereafter MBA) buildings for the Middle East (small range but large price) I was hoping to find additional buildings for my Ambush Alley Generation Kill project.  With the apparent demise of Crescent Root Studios* my options for pre-painted buildings were becoming limited.  Luckily DDS fills a void and meets some requirements for my Ambush Alley gaming, those requirements being a) cheaper than MBA, b) pre-painted, and c) lift-off roofs on all buildings.

I placed my order for four buildings with DDS on July 26th using PayPal to handle the payment portion.  I had my buildings waiting for me after a short trip on July 31st, a very commendable turnaround time.  The four buildings I ordered were ABR103 (2 Arab buildings), ABR102 (Arabic 2-story building), and ABR106 (Arabic 2-story building B).  They all arrived nicely packaged via the U.S. Post Office.  The four buildings totaled $60.00.

The buildings are constructed from plastic (probably sheet styrene) and given a coating to simulate mud/stucco.  All have the required lift-off roof.  ABR102 has a floor piece that comes out allowing access to the ground floor (and a cloth overhang), while ABR106 has two separate stories.  All come finished on a terrained base that has some flocking to add a bit of color.

These buildings will prove to be very functional within my Ambush Alley project.  Floor access via lift-off roofs will allow figures to be placed within, giving the "bad guys" cover and concealment, and will make building clearing a bit more realistic.

Rebel Mini painted by Garren
DDG also produces an open air market, a market building, a mosque, and a sheep farm.  Nine different buildings within this range without having to use any duplicates will be plenty for the time being, and if I want to add more buildings to the project, a few more of the AR103 packs will fill in nicely.  They will also do custom work (perhaps I will have them create a block or two of buildings suitable for small towns).

Overall I am quite pleased with the quality, service, and price of the DDS buildings, so much so that I have sold my MBA ones!

* - Several months ago I had emailed CRS to check the availability of their buildings.  I received a reply that they were on a "hiatus" of sorts and that they would email me once they were taking orders again.  After a few months, they did indeed email me.  I replied within a few hours that I wanted to place an order, to which I received a reply that they had already taken enough orders and would not be taking more for awhile.  I thought that to be a strange practice.

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  1. This is very late to the party, but Deimos Design Studios was owned and operated by Forest Brown, who started in the industry as Martian Metals way back in the 1970s. He started DDS after MM went under and died sometime in 2010, after which DDS shut down. You may have caught the company around the time of his death, which may explain the odd ordering process. He might have been having health issues, or you might have reached them after his death when they were uncertain about whether to continue the business without him.


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