Monday, August 2, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Just a small update today...

First, I have decided to sell my Miniature Building Authority 15mm Middle Eastern buildings.  If you are interested HERE are the details.  The Deimos Design Studio buildings are perfect for my needs, and therefore I placed an order for the open air market and the market building today.  That just leaves the mosque and the sheep farm left to purchase in the near future (maybe even sooner if I can sell the MBA buildings).  Update - these buildings have already been spoken, that was fast!

I am also selling three QRF Strykers that I picked up, two painted and one still in the package.  Since I have settled on a Generation Kill theme I do not need the Strykers as the recon Marines certainly did not have them.

Recently I was able to buy some painted Rebel Minis insurgents from Fantasy Fixtures (Garren) from the Ambush Alley forum.  They are nicely painted and based and they save me some time in getting my project completed, and they blend in rather nicely with my Deimos buildings (see previous post).  I am hoping he will have more available to sell, then I can part ways with my unpainted figures.

I also started putting together my Irishserb Humvees.  Can't wait to get these little gems completed!

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