Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Terrain - Thus Far

I decided to set up my Ambush Alley terrain for a few quick pictures, and to display the latest additions, two additional Deimos Design Studio North Africa buildings.  I am hoping to have DDS custom create a row of shops to give this village a small town feel (more options are always a good thing).

Deimos Design Studio (buildings), The Terrain Guy (trees and terrain tiles), Battlefield Architect (desert pieces), Peter Pig (Arabs, special forces, and civilians), QRF (LAV)

I am adding two more terrain tiles to take the playing area from two feet by two feet to three feet by two feet.  With the custom made DDS building and a few more palm trees, my terrain is fairly set.  Now I just have to get all my figures painted!


  1. Real nice layout...those buildings look real good,
    nice job.

  2. Very nice. Great buildings. This Arabic stall is perfect !!!

  3. I cannot take credit for the buildings, only the decision to purchase them. The Deimos Design folks do pretty nice work.

  4. Nice terrain bud! I think it looks very much like the real thing...


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