Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Irishserb's New Website/Gamecraft Order

Irishserb Update

I received an email from the Irishserb last night, he has a new website set up for his 15mm vehicles.  If you need 15mm Humvees or VABs, his work is top notch.

Check it out:

GameCraft Miniatures

I recently placed a small order with GameCraft Miniatures for some K-Rails (Jersey barriers) and walls.  No pics yet (but you can see pics on their website), but I did want to say that these items are cleanly cast in resin, and the barriers are scaled nicely and go very well with my terrain.  GameCraft was suffering from a bit of a backlog or orders, so it took about a month to receive my items, but Allen at GameCraft threw in some extra barriers for the delay.  Good customer service and nice resin products.

Always good to support the "small guys" and I hope you will as well.


  1. Thanks for mentioning Gamecraft, very nice stuff. Forgot who made the barriers, got them added to my list now.

  2. They make some nice resin castings and their service is highly recommended. Also Rebel Minis now produce 15mm barriers.


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