Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pulling the Trigger

Hey kid, c'mer and pull my finger...

Well, in anticipation of expanding the Ambush Alley project into the reverse future (um, meaning the past), I've ordered some post war Germans from QRF and started working on a new page, called The Asian Project, to give some background and direction to my hypothetical world of the late 70s.  Why Germans?  Why not, it's my hypothetical world (with a real world setting I guess).  Post Viet Nam, with Vietnamese, Khmer Rouge, Aussies, Kiwis, Yanks, and whomever else I throw in.  Finding figures would be very easy, between the various 15mm manufacturers who make Viet Nam ranges.  There are plenty of options for Asian/Viet Nam buildings in 15mm (TimeCast Models, Miniature World Maker, Flashpoint Miniatures).  Alas, not all these buildings have lift off roofs, a MUST for me when gaming Ambush Alley, but the MWA buildings do have lift off roofs.  I have some palm trees from The Terrain Guy, those could be added to to increase the amount of vegetation.  Does anyone make 15mm H-34 helicopters?  Just thinking aloud there.

Of course, I COULD go into an African project since Peter Pig make some wonderful figs.  Imagine African rebels, government types, Cubans, South Africans, and any other faction I want to add in (special forces from West Germany perhaps?)  My Deimos Design North African buildings could serve dual purpose.  Hmmm, now I am rethinking this all again.  Wait, wait, wait...a lot of gamers are already doing African games, my Khmer Rouge/Asian Project idea could be a bit more unique, it's like Viet Nam 3.0!  Must be that lack of focus thing kicking in again!

Stayed tuned over the next several years while I sort all this out.  From time to time the Asian Project page will be updated with random tidbits.

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