Friday, February 25, 2011

The Asian Project - Status Check

A few weeks ago I posted some alternative plans to use with Ambush Alley, some sort of hypothetical conflict that takes place in southeast Asia using various forces from the theater (Americans, Aussies, Vietnamese, Khmer Rouge, Chinese, and maybe the odd German), doing this project in 20mm.  I also have some ideas for 15mm Africa and 20mm Caribbean.  I actually will probably be working on all these projects, as some of them are easy expansions on existing projects.

For 15mm, I received some nice Quick Reaction Force post war West Germans.  Armed with G3s, Panzerfausts, MG3s, and Uzis, they will make a nice force for an incursion into Somalia, circa 1977-78 (think Mogadishu, NOT Black Hawk Down, but earlier).  I have placed another order with QRF for snipers, two Marders (which started to see service in the early 70s) and a media team, just to add a little "flavor" (but not Flavor Flav, that dude is gay...right, this blog is NOT politically adherent).  I have North African buildings (Deimos Design Studio) already that I think would work for a small Somalia village, placed on some desert terrain (The Terrain Guy).  Maybe find a few 15mm shanties and the terrain is set.  Now, I have insurgent-type figures (Rebel Miniatures), but for Somalia, I need something a little more "African."  Both Rebel Minis and Peter Pig make suitable African figures, and I like both styles.  But for "blending" purposes, I think the Rebel Minis figures are more in line with the style (height and heft) of the QRF figures.  They make both African militia and African military so I can add in different factions. 

Now, for 20mm, I have some great Liberation Miniatures West German figures in field cap that I can use for a "special forces" unit.  I have on order some shanties from Ironclad Miniatures.  I also have some painted Liberation African Government troops coming from an eBay winnings.  I've also ordered some additional Liberation figures (U.S. Marines with M-14, 1982 period U.S. troops with M-16, African rabble types, and African Government troops).  Okay, so now why have Africans in two scales?  Because in places like Grenada African figures work well for the populace and military forces, and the 20mm project (well, this one at least) will be set somewhere in the Carib.

Let's not stop there.  The Liberation U.S. Marines (M-14) will also be able to do duty in early Viet Nam (as will the shanties)!  I just picked up a copy of Go Tell the Spartans, and while dated, it certainly gives me some additional ideas for early 'Nam.  I also just finished re-reading The Village, early Marines near Chulai, very small scale stuff with Marines, local militia, and local Viet Cong.  So, the Asian project is still in place, albeit a bit modified. 

I will be posting pics of the bare metal soon, then moving into the painting stages.  Probably going to work on the post war QRF Germans first, no camo, should be easier to paint (meaning faster to get them to the tabletop).  After that perhaps I'll work on the early 'Nam Marines, as again, no camo, and should be easy to paint.

Stayed tuned....
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